About Me!

I have always wanted to write, and then one day I just did. 
My fingers on the keyboard were a bit like Forest Gump, because once they had started to move they didn't stop. I wrote every day for five months, and at the end of that time I had my first novel - Manic Mondays. When I had finished I really missed the people in it who had become my friends - Caz, Steve, Grace, and Annie (to mention a few).
The title didn't come straight away, but the story has a theme of work-life balance running through it, and Monday is the day of the week when the transition between the two can be under the spotlight. Someone on the school run said to me 'It's manic this morning!' and another Mum running past loaded with bags said, 'Tell me about it! All my Mondays are manic.' What with that, and the Bangles song Manic Monday, I had my title.
People ask me why I wrote about a woman starting life again. The simple truth is that I was dumped, spectacularly, myself. And, no, it isn't an autobiography. Real life isn't that comical, and I'm not sure there's a Mr Lovely round every corner either.
Nick Hornby (author of About a Boy, and A Long Way Down) says that he writes 'people's lives', and he does it spectacularly well. It strikes a chord with me because that is why and what I write. The hope, joy, and sadness of us lot are my inspiration!
I am working on my second novel which is called, The Other Side. I hope to see you there x

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