Monday, 13 January 2014

A New Year of Mondays

Manic Mondays

A month of Mondays has passed since I wrote my Monday blog. (Note to self - Christmas is no excuse for not blogging!) 

It has been an exciting month for Manic Mondays! It has seen the book printed in physical form, and distributed for people to read. Some readers know me well and some don't know me personally at all. I have been delighted and astounded by some of the wonderful feedback I have received.. Comments include: 'I really connected with the characters,'...'I want Steve to be my best friend'...'You have a real talent for plot and write as well as well known authors,'...I didn't expect the ending to be as it was,'...'I was sad when it ended.' I have been bowled over. As they say...I am my own worst critic.

Manic Mondays is available to buy on Amazon which is also where I would love people to support me by putting a few comments for would-be buyers as a review.

Catherine Blake started the second week of January with an interview at the University. I wrote her future, and you can write your own.....

Have a great day, and a great week! xx