Monday, 16 December 2013

Happy Birthday Manic Mondays!

Happy Birthday to you....!

It was a very proud lady who went to Candy Jar offices on Thursday last week to sign her first books! I wasn't sure what to write! So I wrote 'lots of love', and 'Happy Manic Mondays', and 'I hope your Mondays are merry and bright' (well it is nearly Christmas!). On Saturday I signed more books at a Christmas Fayre, and this time I asked people how they liked their Mondays before signing. Funnily, most people said 'off work'.
It is lovely to see my book next to Eileen Younghusband's - the most amazingly dynamic and talented 93 year old I have met!
Happy Birthday Manic Mondays! Party and cake in the New Year!

Monday, 9 December 2013

More Manic Mondays in December

Manic Mondays is Published

This week the Manic Mondays manuscript that has been batted back and forth more than an Olympic tennis ball will finally be in the hands of its creator, What an amazing prospect it is. Some of you may have chosen to do the 'have a child' route in life, and others may have chosen otherwise. For me, waiting to see the manuscript that has existed on A4 pages, finally born as a book, is literally like waiting for the birth of one of my children - exciting, scary, concerning, impatient.

If Catherine Blake herself had had anything so full of emotional investment to deal with, then guaranteed she would have been supported by her best new buddies - Steve the handsome pilot bachelor, Grace her young unmarried neighbour with two children, Annie her purple-haired hippy friend, and the unavailable man in the background - Mike Stone. And I forgot to mention Neville.

Dive into Manic Mondays and find that Monday really can be a new beginning....

Monday, 2 December 2013

Manic December Mondays

The First Monday in December

Monday, the beginning of December and it’s brrr in the UK. Husbands and really tall sons all over the country are either being, or have been, successfully nagged to ‘please get the decorations out of the loft’, and some actually engage in the ‘putting up’ of the shiny little blighters all round the house.

For the next month, Monday will dawn more manically than usual as you awake to a blaze of Monday morning glitter and Christmassy bling, and bright flashing lights meet you as you make your way bleary-eyed around the house, wondering where all normality and sanity has disappeared to. You will search for the kettle lost amongst the rest of the shine in an attempt to calm the building excitement of the Christmas season.

Catherine Blake wasn’t really in the mood for her first Christmas alone, but she rallied her energies and made an effort for her daughter. When her friends came round for her Christmas party bash they laughed their Santa socks off when they saw what she had precariously balanced on top of her B&Q Christmas tree.

Want to find out what it was? Manic Mondays...the novel...