Monday, 25 November 2013


A Time for new beginnings...

Manic Mondays is about endings and new beginnings, and what better theme for new beginnings than the beginning of the week itself - Monday. Each day, each week and each year is yet to be written in the lives of every one of us. Monday heralds the end of the weekend, which most of us lament, but it also brings the opportunity of a brand new week.

Start your week like Catherine Blake has...'once upon time...'. The great thing about your lives is that you are the protagonist and you can write your own plot with your own characters. There may be twists and turns that take you by surprise, but you can turn the plot around. If Catherine Blake can, so too can you.

Manic Mondays are great Mondays because they represent and downs...twists and turns...have a great day - I didn't say a smooth-running day!

Loves, Michaela x

Monday, 11 November 2013

Manic Mondays

Another Monday Morning....

Catherine Blake has a thing about Mondays, and whether we love them or hate them, we can't ignore Mondays! For some it's a mad screaming dash to the school gates, for others back to work to catch up on weekend gossip. For me this morning, it was the dreaded lost wallet and a missed bus!!

In case you missed it, here is the promotional DVD for Manic Mondays! Please tell your friends, family and colleagues about Manic Mondays!!

I had no idea the editing process was so involved, and it won't be long now!! Candy Jar staff have been brilliant. x

Monday, 4 November 2013

A Monday in November

Manic Mondays is coming soon...

Manic Mondays is in the last stages of editing, getting an ISBN and back cover design. You can still pre-order ahead of printing from!

Here is a mini extract

One dark, cold morning she decided that it was time she

took a more positive view of the world, and made a list of

all the good things in her life, it was better than sitting staring

at a sleeping toddler all morning. She put the list on a

notice-board in the kitchen, and made herself read it every

time she went in there. The list read:

Things to Feel Happy About
1. I have a lovely baby who loves me
2. 36 isn't old
3. I am still quite a catch - even with baggage
4. I am well-qualified  - I can get my career back on track
5. I have made some new friends
6. My parents ring me every single day!!
7. I haven't succumbed to vast quantities of wine/chocolate

Every time she walked into the kitchen Caz looked at

the list. She was aware that the list had quite a lot missing

and she had been desperate for things to add by the time she

got to the last point. All the things that most people spend

their lives working for like houses, husbands, careers, were

missing: she missed them.

During the weeks since she’d last seen him, Caz tried to

contact Steve but kept getting his answer machine. She

thought how unlike him it was not to reply to her messages.

In the few weeks since they’d been living in the city, Caz

had spoken to Steve on the telephone at least two or three

times each week. She assumed that he was busy with work

and must have a series of stop-overs on his flying roster, or

maybe his simulator assessment had overrun. Caz knew that

she shouldn’t be so concerned. Steve was a free agent and

had a life of his own. He had, after all, been managing quite

well without her for the last ten years.

Caz tried to occupy herself with things to do. She went

next door to invite Grace round for a coffee but was greeted

by a face-full of chicken pox, behind a grubby tea towel.

Annie was away on an annual convention with Oxfam for

ten days, and Caz didn’t know anybody else within one

hundred miles. She sat up straight in her armchair that had

become her refuge and decided that it was time Catherine

Blake made a comeback. She drew up a plan for action – a battle plan

Plan A

1. Get a job – anything will do for now -

objectives: a) some money, b) something to do, c)

meet people

2. Have time to myself – objectives: a) not to

go crazy in house, b) have break from Teletubbies,

c) give Maddy a break from stir crazy mother!

3. Meet people and socialise – objectives: a) go

out at least once each week (once a fortnight

minimum), b) try to have some fun, c) meet more


4. Be happy in my own company – objectives:

a) spend one night alone without crying, b) try not

to hyperventilate at the prospect of spending a

weekend alone with Madeleine.

5. Get a man – objectives: not quite sure, but

seems like a good idea!

Caz hung Plan A on the wall next to her List of Things

to Feel Happy About.....